lisa coady- 3rd year repeat project

This project aims to break away some of the stigma relating to the English prisoner, artist and writer Charles Bronson. I also wanted to explore the idea of us all being a prisoner in our own lives and society.



This pieces is unfinished at the moment, but is in the process of being finished. Around 2 weeks ago I got locked out and had to kick through part of my door to get in. I just found it interesting that I had to break in, and thought it had a connection to my project. So I began pulling the door apart with my hands and was left with the frame and lots of different sections of the door.

This is some of my painting/drawing/collage work. The notebook is a collection of ‘diary drawings’ which I have been doing everyday from my window and other locations. For the end studio piece, I plan to have these individual pieces come together to make a large scale collage.

These images are for my drawing module. The black and white image is my original drawing of a dead bird that was laying outside by my flat one day. The paintings were done on greaseproof paper, a lot of the materials I’ve been using throughout the project are things I have here at home, similarly Bronson’s art materials are also limited because of the prison restrictions he has enforced on him.

These are some of the photos I have been taking of the view from the other window looking to another part of the city. I liked the contrast between the two different windows in my home. Theses photos have also been used for drawing/painting.

These are some of the photos I have been taking of the views I have from my flat. I wanted to compare my life with Bronson’s, and to see similarities and differences. I sat at the window for at least an hour everyday and painted, drew and took photos. I did this so at the end of the project I could make a collage of all the different drawings, paintings etc. I accumulated.

This is a clay sculpture I made where I wanted to create a simple building-like structure and have it being smothered with some natural looking formation. This was relating to Charlie being bred in captivity, and how the prison system can be detrimental to certain people.

This is a small selection of part of my ‘jar project’. I decided to start collecting old jars and began preserving different things that Charlie mentioned throughout his autobiography. All the things I preserved had a special meaning or story related to them. Also each object is representing Charlie, or even a part of Charlie, and in turn the jars themselves are representing imprisonment.

The purpose of this exercise was to show a physical representation of a period of time, so far I have collected just under 100 jars, each having it’s own individual object preserved inside.


This website is run to give the public information about Charlie, and his current well-being/ location etc.


3rd year repeat project 2013.

For this project I decided to make artwork with the running theme of ‘Charles Bronson’, the man commonly referred to as Britain’s most violent prisoner. After reading his autobiography entitled ‘Bronson’ , I realized I had come across quite an interesting character and also a very misunderstood person.